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              Permit caught in Naples Florida.

Saltwater Fishing Charters:

Welcome to the Gulf of Mexico’s best kept secret. Saltwater fishing charter destinations. Join us for an exciting day of deep sea fishing, with a multitude of options, sure to leave everyone with fantastic memories and Big Fish stories galore! If fishing is your passion, we offer world class fishing trips with many options for any experience level from expert to the novice angler. Trips range from backwater and offshore fishing on one of fleet 6 passenger vessels.  We also offer split trips if you would like to join another fisherman or 2 that would like to share the cost.

Select the best fishing charter for you:

How do I know what fishing charter is the best for me and or my group? The first thing you may like to do is to have all the following information available when you call to book your fishing trip; 1. How many persons are in your group and what are their ages? 2. Are you looking to catch the fish of a lifetime or high activity fishing for the family? Would you like to try and harvest a fish dinner and what experience do you and your party have fishing in these waters? 3. How long would you like to be on the water? We offer trips from four hours up to multiple day excursions.

Now for us… Naples Marina & Excursions takes great pride in our professional fishing charter services. Beginning with the proper equipment for the job, not only do we supply the top of the line gear for your trip, we also upkeep our vessels to the highest standards. You can rest assured, that you will be boarding a very clean and maintained fully operational boat. Equipped with the latest technology from side scanning sonar, 3D imaging sonar, the latest Garmin GPS and current navigational systems, 36 mile radius weather radar on our offshore vessels as well as all certified coast guard required devices and more.

In the event of an emergency our crews are certified professionals experienced in dealing with any type of emergency on the water situation as well as medically trained. We are members and partners with the local Tow Boat US and Sea Tow Rescue Services which stand prepared at a moment’s notice.

Full moon and night trips are a great way to take advantage of Florida’s cooler climate as well as catching night feeding fish. It is proven that certain species of fish feed more at night during the full moon cycle because of stronger tides. We will target snook, tarpon, grouper, lane snapper, yellowtail snapper, mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, shark, and permit.

Backwaters: Mangrove Islands Oyster Bars Bays & Passes Snook Tarpon Trout Sheepshead Mangrove Snapper Ladyfish Pompano Redfish Jacks Shark Deep Sea: Wrecks Reefs Ledges Bonita Barracuda Goliath Grouper Tarpon Snook Cobia Mangrove Snapper Mackerel Permit Shark


Offshore trips are out to 9 miles off the coast depending on the length of the trip. We fish various reefs, wrecks and bottom structure that offer a variety of fishing options. For the experienced angler, test your skills by casting lures or if you’re just a beginner bottom fishing baits is always a good way to go. If you are looking for that fish of a lifetime opportunity this is the way to go. We specialize in putting you on big fish and will do what it takes to make sure you get a chance to experience what drag screaming is all about.

Offshore past 9 miles. To book an extended range trip which are more than 8 hours on one of our sport fishing yachts, please call for availability and rates. Our long range trips are out 20-60 miles offshore and target large grouper, snapper, and other huge pelagic species. We are one of the few companies that offer these type of trips. Every long range trip is custom designed to your specifications so you get exactly what you are looking for. Let our professional staff show you what BIG FISH is all about and take a trip of a lifetime.
You can expect to catch several species of snapper from lane snapper, yellowtail snapper, mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, red snapper, gag grouper, red grouper, black grouper, amberjack, cobia, king mackerel, tuna, bonita, goliath grouper, sharks, and many other reef fish. The types of structure we fish range from natural coral bottom, ledges, wrecks, reefs, springs, which have been proven high activity spots which have been all dove by our dive team to ensure when we fish a spot there is no guess work to where the fish are at.

To ensure the best success there are many factors to take in consideration from tide, barometric pressure, moon phase as well as many other factors. Our team will do everything possible to put all these conditions into play when choosing the best time to schedule your departure time and length of trip. Please remember we are not commercial fishermen and our main goal is to give you the best fishing experience possible while practicing conservation.

Being fishermen ourselves we love to eat fish but in order to give you and all our clients the best trip possible we promote catch and release on all our trips with the exception to keeping that one right fish which may feed the entire party or only keep enough fish for everyone on board to have a fresh meal.

We ARE NOT a kill boat and will not keep limits of any species as any full time, long term Captain would not. Our fishery can’t handle that kind of pressure. We leave that up to the commercial fishermen that fish areas far enough out that do not affect our fishing. For clients that want to keep more than enough for a meal, please request this type of trip which at that point we would put you on one of our long range commercial trips that would not have an impact on our recreational fishing spots. This is why we are so successful and why we catch big fish 90 % of the time.

To speak with one of our reservation specialists call 239-592-1200 today or email us at To book your date if you have already spoke with one of our staff click here.


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