Rental Gear, Air Fills & Scuba Cylinder Service Rates

Scuba Diving Gear/Equipment Rentals/Tank Fills/Scuba Cylinder Service in Naples Florida
 Naples /Bonita Springs /Fort Myers /Marco Island /Sanibel Island /Captiva

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Current rates for rental gear, air fills, and tank service on scuba equipment.
NME PADI Dive Shop 22941
  28651 North Diesel Dr. Unit 6
  Bonita Springs, FL 34135
  Phone 239-592-1200


 Equipment Rental Packages

  Mask, Fin , Snorkel & Dive Boots $20.00
  BCD & Regulator w/computer $30.00
  Wetsuit, BCD, Regulator, Tanks, Weights, Mask, Fin, Snorkel, Computer, Boots $75.00
  2 Tanks & Weights $30.00
 Equipment Rentals
  Wetsuits $15.00
  BCD $15.00
  Regulator w/computer $15.00
  Air Tank 63cu & 80cu Aluminum $15.00
  Air Tank 100cu Aluminum $18.00
  Air Tank Steel (All) $20.00
  Weights $  5.00
  Speargun $30.00
  Stringer $  5.00
  Safety Sausage $  5.00
  Reel $  5.00
  Dive Flag/manual line w/float $  5.00
  Mask $  5.00
  Fins $  5.00
  Snorkel $  5.00
 Dive Boots $  5.00
 Compass $  5.00

 Air Fills & Service

 Tank Fills 80cu or less 21% Air $10.00
 Tank Fills 100-130cu 21% Air & High Pressure Fills 21% $15.00
 VIP & Current Eddy $20.00
 Hydro $30.00
 Valve Service check
 Oxygen clean tank $25.00
 Oxygen clean regulator per stage $25.00
Cleaning Fee $25.00


scuba insurance in naples florida
Renter agrees: “I have examined the rented equipment specified above and find all of it in good working order and clean. I certify that I am properly trained to partake and certified in scuba diving and familiar with the rental equipment’s use. Further I hold harmless Florida Excursions, LLC., Reel 1 Up Fish & Dive Charters, Naples Marina and Excursions, Inc. or any of its agents, employees, contractors, or anyone associated with its company from accident or death occurring during use of said equipment.Renter agrees to pay full value of the rented items plus any costs incurred in collection, in case of lose, or full repair cost in case of damage. Any thefts must be reported to the police/ local authorities. Renter also agrees to pay the required cleaning fee if dive gear is returned without being rinsed with fresh water thoroughly, sandy, tanks under 500psi, salt crystals or other unsatisfactory condition. Should renter wish to extend the rental period for more than one 24hour period, he or she must notify Florida Excursions, LLC., Reel 1 Up or Naples Marina and Excursions to extend this agreement.