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Backwater Fishing Charters
in Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel & Marco Island Florida

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Join us for an amazing day of backwater fishing, an incredible journey exploring the structure and habitat of the Southwest Florida’s mangrove forests. Trips range from 4 hour backwater tours to multiple day excursions. Depending on your level of experience may determine how many people you want to bring on a “True” backwater fishing trip. We will be making cast under the overhanging mangroves where the smaller juvenile fish hide and the predatory species hunt. It does require a bit of skill and is probably one of the harder types of fishing due to the accuracy of your casts must be spot on and then when hooking a larger fish you have to be able to pull them out of the mangrove roots and other underwater obstructions. We are dedicated to teaching new anglers and is our passion to teach you. If you are a novice we suggest keep this type of charter to just one or two people otherwise it can be very difficult for the guide to do his job keeping the boat in the ideal spot for making casts. We use a lot of lures from, jigs, top water poppers, and a variety of plugs as well as live bait. If your party is inexperienced and insist on fishing the backwaters then we call this a back bay trip where we can anchor and give more attention to the party but is quite different than a “True” backwater fishing trip. Whatever trip you decide on you have the best guides in Southwest Florida that do this fulltime and is our passion. We love working with people and all are family men so kids are always welcome. Come see why this is one of the worlds favorite sports.

Saltwater and Backwater fishing are the most common recreational activities in Southwest Florida. Whether you desire to fish for fun or for sustenance, the accessibility to the Gulf in the area makes it possible to catch a wide range of species. Grouper, snapper and sea trout are among the many species of fish that make the Gulf of Mexico their home. Before you get started with recreational fishing in Southwest Florida, it is important to read all of the seasonal regulations as put forth by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. A saltwater license is not required while you are aboard one of our many chartered vessels, as license and all requirements are included in your selected daily packages.

If you just want to have fun we recommend leaving the type of trip up to the Captain based on the conditions that day and the parties goals will be taken into consideration. If you want to catch a Tarpon and it is winter time it is not likely this will happen but we will always do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.

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Rates: 2021 Pricing for Backwater Fishing Trips

Backwater Trips 4 guests max.

4 hour 1-3 people $600 add $100 for forth person (we recommend for the best backwater experience to take 1-2 people).

6 hour 1-3 people $800 add $175 for forth person.

8 hour 1-3 people $1,300 add $200 for forth person.

Add $100 for trips departing after 11:30am. Please add 20% gratuity for all trips.


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Date: Sat, Apr 7, 2012 12:01 pm

Good morning,

I would like to let you and Mark what a great week I had kayaking and fishing the Cocohatchee and Wiggins Pass last week. I have been very pleased with the service you provide and I wish I had purchased a kayak for fishing years ago. Jasper seems to be a gem as an employee and I hope he is there when I return. I know that my craft is in good hands with him taking care of things for me. Tell him I’ll brush up a bit on my Spanish. I look forward to seeing you all again sometime in late May.

By the way, yesterday morning, I didn’t want to venture out too far due to the threatening weather. Before the storm hit, about 9:00 or so, I caught 3 nice snook right in front of the restaurant and within site of your flagpole.

I wanted to mention this to Mark. There are no fly fishing shops that I know of between Ft. Meyers and the Mangrove Outfitters on Rt. 41 past Airport Pulling on the way to Marco, and I made four stops last week and probably drove over 75 miles back and forth buying stuff that I either lost or broke during the week. You might want to consider expanding your services in a small way and start to sell everyday things that fly fishermen need, such as leaders, tippet material, flies, and other accessories. It’s a good market to have as a businessman, and I think as a group, fly fishermen might be the kind of customer you’d like to attract. And, fly fishermen, as you know, would be a good target to sell kayaks too. I think the Cocohatchee area could be pushed as a fly fishing area. I saw several other fly fishermen, some in kayaks and some with flats boats, fishing the back waters where I was. Just thought I’d mention this.

Thanks again.


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Fish caught in the back waters in Southwest Florida, Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Marco Island.

Backwaters: We will fish the Mangrove Islands, Oyster Bars, Bays & Passes.

Fish you can catch in the backwaters are: Snook, Tarpon, Trout, Sheepshead, Mangrove Snapper, Ladyfish, Pompano, Redfish, Jacks, Sharks and much more.