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Split Diving Trips/Charters Naples/Southwest Florida

Scuba Diving is the extreme sport into the unknown depths of another world, right here on Planet Earth.

Join Naples Marina and Excursions on a Diving Expedition.

Wether a local Gulf Coast Dive, Climb aboard Spear 1 Up, our fast dual motor ocean worthy vessel, making wake to our favorite reefs, wrecks and black holes, or Go the distance! Join one of our Destination Dives to other exotic areas of the world, Grand Caymans, the Bahamas and many more popular diving gold mines.

Diving alone?

Sign up for our free Split Trip Programs. We offer personal scheduling for both fishing, spear-fishing, and scuba diving charter options. We will pair you up with other solo enthusiasts with a similar available schedule. Meet other local and worldwide divers while saving money doing what you love.

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